Henderson Design is a jewelry line created by a mother and daughter team from Houston, Texas. Their backgrounds in fashion, design and art, along with extensive international travel, inspired the collection.

Their jewelry exemplifies the union between the ancient world and the contemporary. Henderson Design  can be found at exclusive locations throughout Texas, Florida, on Santa Fe’s Canyon Road, and has been worn by numerous Golden Globes winners and nominees since 2008.

whitney & michele henderson

Michele Henderson, raised in the fashion industry, was a buyer for her family’s women’s boutique. Whitney Henderson, a fine artist, graduated from New York’s School of Visual Arts. She lived in Italy for four years furthering her interests in old world artisan techniques while traveling to museums and galleries across Europe. Whitney’s creative expression then expanded to include jewelry design. Upon returning to Texas, the two began a quest to find the most unique precious and semi-precious gemstones to adorn women while enhancing their own individual style.

To view Whitney’s paintings, please visit www.WhitneyHenderson.com

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